Site Information


Owner: Ever After Consignment Sale, LLC, Hudson, New York

Site Features: Fully integrated custom WordPress website that uses WP as a content management system for all site pages. This allows the client to edit page content at will. WP plug-ins include the ability to manage meta tags for search engine optimization and upload photos and documents. Client manages consignors through a third-party website that is linked throughout pages on the site.

Design Features: Home page features an animated slideshow incorporating targeted information and click-throughs for various audience groups. Tabbed content on various pages keeps large amounts of data neatly displayed and easy to navigate for users. Custom sidebars for different pages bring specific information front and center to the specific audience groups, including custom news feeds. Subpage & global features: integrated Google Analytics tracking, SEO customization by page, site search functions, automatic copyright updating, masked email to combat autobot spam.