Why, you ask yourself, does my business need a website? Since you’re already checking out what we have to offer, it’s safe to assume that you think you need a website already. But if you’re looking for some hard, logical reasoning, here you go!why-man

  1. Establish a web presence to reach more clients or customers. As of August, 2016, over 88% of the U.S. population (287 million people) were using the Internet in one form or another, and 90% of those users had either contacted a business or purchased a product online in the past 12 months. Not having a website means you could be missing out on a big piece of the online pie in your industry.
  2. Advertise for less. What other form of advertising allows potential customers 24-hour access, 365 days a year? And you get to control the message with full-color images, meaningful content and easy contact forms to generate leads. Can’t do that with a newspaper, magazine or billboard ad!
  3. Increase business credibility. A well-designed website can go a long way toward legitimizing your business reputation. Did you know that according to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based upon the look and professionalism of its website? Even a bank will check your online presence when applying for a business loan.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction. Because of its extensive reach and availability, a website can help your company provide better service, better information, better support, and help you develop a stronger relationship with your customers. A presence on the Internet also tells your customers that you are staying current with technology, which is a reflection of how well you stay current in your industry.
  5. Make you and your staff more effective. Do you get phone calls every week from customers asking the same questions? You can educate them with a Frequent Questions page, as well as provide downloadable documentation for products or services that will encourage a little self-service on their part.  Rather than spending valuable time on the phone responding to ordinary informational questions, your staff can attend to important day-to-day tasks with fewer interruptions.
  6. Relay important information to your customer base instantaneously.  Updates to your website can be accessed simultaneously by thousands at the click of a mouse.  Posting critical, late-breaking information on your company website is the most cost-effective way of distributing information quickly to a large audience.  If you are an organization that sends out newsletters by mail, save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on mailing costs by making an electronic version of your newsletter available online.
  7. Get your own email address. Are you using a Yahoo!, AOL or Gmail email address for business communications? If so, that is not a great way to build a good business reputation. With your website, you also get email using your domain name. This creates instant credibility with customers and clients.

Those are just seven good reasons to have a website for your business. There are lots of others — online appointment scheduling, real-time customer interaction, social networking and many more. Small Web Solutions can create the most cost-effective website possible for your business! Let’s get started!

Okay, I want a website!



Small Web Solutions offers:

  • professional & original web design

  • continuing service/maintenance

  • server-side content management systems
  • blogs & news feeds

  • photo editing, enhancement & optimization
  • PDF document conversion/security

  • professional online forms
  • third-party email marketing integration