Visit Elzinga Farm & GreenhouseInformation: This new Small Web Solutions client wanted to update it’s online look and functions with a rich, colorful and device-responsive format, as well as to offer some online purchasing options. The existing site was a cookie-cutter design using GoDaddy design tools and presented an outdated, unprofessional look and format. Small Web Solutions made a number of suggestions, including the development of a user-friendly layout and navigation style that neatly presents the stunningly beautiful products this family business has to offer.


Owner: Elzinga Farm & Greenhouse, Dyer, Indiana

Site Features: This is a fully integrated custom WordPress website that uses WP as a content management system for all site pages and news feed articles. This allows the client to edit page content at-will and to keep the site current with updates about products and services. This particular WP theme also uses modules that allow for easy drag-and-drop positioning and editing. WP plug-ins include the ability to manage meta tags for search engine optimization, and to upload photos and documents. Included in the back-end administration of the site are tools for ecommerce and third-party email marketing.

Design Features: Home page slideshow with seasonal custom static border, stylized sub-page headers, submission forms with email notification, social networking links and embedded Facebook feed, integrated Google Analytics tracking, automatic copyright updating, favorites icon, masked email to combat auto spam.