Information: This long-time client of Small Web Solutions recently (2018) wanted to update it’s online look and functions, as well as to increase the company’s SEO rankings with a truly device-specific responsive format. While the existing site — redesigned by SWS in 2011 — was getting the job done for its clients, Cal Lab’s focus on customer service was the driver for making its site truly client-friendly. Small Web Solutions made a number of well-received suggestions, developing a strong and easy-to-use online presence for Cal Lab, while at the same time retaining the original essence of the website to let Cal Lab clients know they are interacting with the same business they know and trust.


Owner: Calibration Laboratory, LLC, South Holland, Illinois

Site Features: This is a fully integrated custom WordPress website that uses WP as a content management system for all site pages and news feed articles. This allows the client to edit page content at-will. This particular WP theme also uses modules that allow for easy drag-and-drop positioning and editing. WP plug-ins include custom forms and results database (public and private), the ability to manage meta tags for search engine optimization, and upload photos and documents.

Design Features: Home page slideshow, stylized sub-page headers, client login, multiple submission forms with email notification & database backup, social networking links, integrated Google Analytics tracking, automatic copyright updating, favorites icon, masked email to combat auto spam.

We added a new customer yesterday.  I asked them how they found out about us and they indicated they did a Google search for calibration.  When they found our website they said they were extremely impressed with the professional look and layout.  They said it was a factor in determining which calibration company they were going to interview.

They are going to be Cal Lab’s largest account!

Thank you Jackie!  

Jeff Hickman

Principal, Calibration Laboratory, LLC