Site Information


Owner: The Hammond Port Authority, Hammond, Indiana

Site Features: This is a long-time Small Web Solutions client that was looking to update it’s online presence and device responsiveness for its patrons, who might need to access the site while on the water. This is a fully integrated custom WordPress website that uses WP as a content management system for all site pages and news feed articles. This allows the client to edit page content at-will. This particular WP theme also uses modules that allow for easy drag-and-drop positioning and editing. WP plug-ins include a fully customizable events calendar, photo galleries, the ability to manage meta tags for search engine optimization, and upload photos and documents.

Design Features: Home page features: slideshow (including video), events calendar feed, news feed and parallax background images. Subpage & global features: , option to upload and assign particular header images to any subpage, integrated Google Analytics tracking, site search functions, automatic copyright updating, automatic site map, masked email to combat auto spam.